Sunday, March 23, 2008

Amazing Sheesh-chewing off too much

Gary, Larry, and I were off on another Porta-Bote adventure at Anderson Resevoir, happily in search of crappie and large mouth bass. We noticed some splashing in the shallows and headed over. There was a large bass essentially paralyzed on the surface with a crappie jammed in it's mouth! I was able to grab the bass and lift it in to the boat. Using pliers, I pulled the crappie out of his mouth; the crappie was at least 8 inches long (unfortunately, pulled off part of his tail too...) but he was still alive. I let the crappie go then we weighed the bass; 3 pounds and 18 inches with a big fat belly. He looked blind in one eye--maybe that's why he bit off more than he could chew. Amazingly, it swam off just fine.

Amazing Sheesh!

Yo-Zuri Floating Crystal Minnow

This lure is amazing! Caught 3 crappie and 2 bass at Anderson Resevoir in early spring (March 22 '08) with my Gary Chan and Larry Boyle.

You can buy them at Cabelas for $7-8. Expensive but worth it.