Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ultimate ... Fishing Line!

The wonders never cease.

Who knew that FISHING LINE could benefit from the wonders of technology? This stuff, called Power Pro is made from Spectra Fiber, an invention from Honeywell.

Spectra® fiber is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is used in a patented gel-spinning process. Polyethylene is a remarkably durable plastic, and scientists at Spectra Technologies have captured the tremendous natural strength in the molecular backbone of this everyday plastic to create one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers. The gel-spinning process and subsequent drawing steps allow Spectra® fiber to have a much higher melting temperature (150°C or 300°F) than standard polyethylene.

Spectra as fishing line is amazing. 15lb test line has the equivalent diameter of 4lb monofilimant line. This means you can spool up your dinky ultralight reels with line that won't snap if you sneeze too hard. Plus the line doesn't stretch so it transmits every bump back to your rod. And it's very limp and isn't prone to tangling on itself.
It's truly amazing.
The only downside is the line is too tough to cut with your teeth. You have to carry scissors or a knife. And it is more expensive than mono, though long term, you probably save money. You can buy it on Yahoo! Shopping.

Here is a review of the line from, a great fishing gear site.

By the way, here is a whopper we caught using it:

The Mokai

The Mokai is a completely new idea for water adventure. It is essentially a powered and very stable kayak that lets you explore wherever there is water. It uses a 6hp jet engine -- plenty of power for one person -- that can run in extremely shallow water. Think of riding UP rapids then cruising back down. Plus it looks stable enough to stand up while casting. At 100 pounds it's even reasonably lightweight and car-toppable.

If you live near water, this seems like a great way to explore. About $3500.

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