Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Triathlon gear: Vision Base Bars

These Vision Base Bars from Full Speed Ahead are amazing. They are fairly light (around 230 grams), extremely stiff, and offer an excellent "in the drops" hand position. I am a fairly cautious descender, but these bars allow a very secure hand grip that inspires confidence. The flats of the bars allow a comfortable upright position. And while in the aero bars, the flat profile of the base bar allows easy transition from the aero extensions to the bar ends. I'm pairing these with Hed aerobars and it's a great combination.

The vision base bars are relatively cheap; around $100 for the alloy version. The carbon version is more expensive and only marginally lighter. In the San Francisco Bay Area you can get these from Front of the Pack which is where I got them.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dean Kamen's Prosthetic Arm

This is an incredible story and amazing technology that's come out of it. Dean Kamen is recently famous for the Segway scooter. This prosthetic arm is a much more impressive invention.